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A journey through the rich diversity of the European Academic School of Painting

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Founded by art enthusiast Natalya Muzaleva

The gallery blends sculpture, graphic art and paintings in a surprising fusion between realism and modernism. The gallery’s collection is being renewed constantly and it currently comprises over 170 original works, including paintings, graphics and sculptures.

Additionally, N2N Gallery organizes art master classes, inviting well established artists to teach UAE art lovers and is genuinely committed to support the development and increase the interest and the dialogue within the local art scene.

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N2N Art Gallery offers exhibitions and workshops on contemporary art from Eastern Europe, learn, create, and be inspired

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Explore Reviews and Testimonials About Our Gallery

Having explored numerous galleries across Abu Dhabi and Dubai as an avid art collector, I can confidently assert that N2N Gallery stands out as the premier destination for art enthusiasts. Their curated collection consistently showcases the finest works, making each visit a delightful experience. With their assistance, I have acquired five remarkable paintings, a source of great pride for me.

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Elvina Art Collector

As a designer sourcing art for a villa project in Abu Dhabi, I can confidently say that N2N Gallery exceeded my expectations. Their curated collection offers a diverse range of pieces that perfectly complemented the aesthetic I envisioned for the space. The gallery manager, Kateryna, provided invaluable assistance, guiding me through the selection process with her expertise and keen eye for detail.

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Khaled Art Collector

I stumbled upon this gallery a couple of years back and was instantly captivated by its exquisite collection of paintings. Since then, I've acquired four pieces and find myself returning eagerly to see what new treasures they have in store. I must admit, you've got me hooked! Each painting I've purchased continues to enchant me; they're so vibrant, evocative, and distinctively original.

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Noora Art Collector

I even enrolled in his course and I admired his art there every day! His brush strokes, thick full of colors, not too much details but just enough! On the last day I had to own one of his beautiful paintings though it's hard to choose only one! The process of purchasing was quick and simple thanks to Kateryna. 

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Dania Art Collector

I recently purchased a stunning artwork from N2N Gallery, and Kateryna, the manager, was incredibly helpful. She made sure I understood all the details about the piece and even connected me with the artist. Despite my many questions, she remained patient and made the whole experience enjoyable.

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Janet Art Collector

Kateryna was the manager helping us with all the process which, thanks to her, was hassle free and quick. It was neatly delivered along with the certificate of authentication. It felt very special to own your own original art and that too from a very professional art gallery. 

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Aravind Art Collector

Attending several of the master classes offered by the gallery, has provided me with the opportunity to learn first-hand from the masters, in a way that wouldn't have been easily possible. I've grown a lot and developed my personal aesthetics by the constant interaction with different artists and art lovers. I definitely recommend this gallery if you are looking for a fine additions to your collection.

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Rawan Art Student

I have attended to a week long painting course with Crimean artist Alexandre Tyunkin, I have learned a lot. I highly recommend N2N gallery workshops for beginner or whomever wants to improve their technics. I would like also give my thanks to N2N gallery manager Katheryna for her professionalism and warm presence.

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Emel Art Student

who is interested in learning from a master artist. The experience was truly unforgettable, and I left the workshop feeling inspired and excited to continue exploring the world of oil painting. I would highly recommend this oil painting workshop in N2N gallery with Aleksander Tyunkin to anyone who is interested in learning from a master artist.I'm really glad that I’ve stumbled upon N2N Gallery. Attending several of the master classes offered by the gallery

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Olga Art Student

It was an absolutely fantastic experience! Aleksander is a talented and experienced artist who has a wealth of knowledge and expertise in oil painting. One of the things that impressed me the most about this workshop was Aleksander's approach to teaching. He was patient and encouraging, and created a supportive environment that allowed us to feel comfortable taking risks and trying new things.

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Vi Art Student

I consider my experience attending N2N Art Masterclasses as one of the most special and precious learning experiences I’ve had in Abu Dhabi. It expanded my horizons as an artist as it introduced and taught me new techniques through different mediums. I also highly appreciated having the guidance by the masters of the craft themselves. I always make it a top priority to attend these masterclasses as I see them as unique opportunities.

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Suhair Art Collector

He praises and criticizes as needed. I was very happy to learn his style in oil painting though practice it the most important. I am grateful to Aleksandr and to N2N Gallery for giving us the opportunity to learn and improve our style with such a talented artist and thanks to Kateryna for helping us all to make sure we benefit the maximum from the course. I would definitely enroll for another Masterclass as the benefit is worth every penny!

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Dania Art Student

Starting oil painting nearly five years ago without prior experience or formal education, I quickly realized the importance of finding the right mentor. Attending various workshops, I encountered many talented artists, yet few could effectively teach. However, Alexander proved to be both an exceptional artist and an excellent instructor. His ability to simplify complex concepts for non-professionals like myself was remarkable.

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Yulia Art Student

After attending Alexander Tyunkin's exhibition at N2N Gallery, I was inspired to learn from his expertise. Working closely with Alexander during his master class proved invaluable. His knack for simplifying complex concepts was truly remarkable, helping me rectify mistakes and refine my technique. Witnessing a professional artist at work and absorbing his unique style was an enlightening experience. Thanks to him, I've mastered a new technique and gained valuable insights into my craft.

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Viktoria Art Student

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